Our Facility

Please visit us in Louisville:

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333 West South Boulder Road, Suite 2

Louisville, CO 80027

Phone: 720-524-3531

Pricing for Sessions:

 Single Session                  $30 – 50 min
Punch Cards-  (can be shared )
 6 Sessions          $165 (27.50/visit)
12 Sessions          $275 (23.00/visit)
24 Sessions         $480 (20.00/visit)
Memberships       6 mo             3 mo          1 mo
         Single             $160/m         $200/m     $240/m
        Couple            $200/m        $275/m     $325/m


***New Office Hours***

9 AM – 5 PM Monday-Thursday (last session starts at 4 PM)

Saturday & Sunday CLOSED until further notice

Salt Spa Etiquette:


  • Please DO NOT utilise the GROUP salt room if you are actively sick or potentially contagious. This includes any of the following:
    • Fever

    • Excessive coughing or sneezing

    • Flu-like Symptoms

  • If you are recently recovering from a cold, immunocompromised, or prefer to be by yourself, please speak to us about utilising our PRIVATE salt room.

  • When choosing seating in the group room, please provide as much distance as possible between yourself and clients not within your party.

  • Disposable foot and head covers will be provided and must be worn in the salt room.

  • Arrive 10 minutes early; entry to the salt room is not allowed once a session begins.

  • Avoid using perfumes, lotions, or fragrant substances, as they can disrupt therapy or trigger another client’s sensitivities.

  • Leave valuables at home; we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Coats and bags should be left in the waiting room or office.

  • Courtesy to others: exiting during a session is discouraged unless it’s an emergency.

  • We recommend using the restroom before the session begins.

  • Turn off all electronic devices; consider leaving them in your car.

  • Please maintain silence during adult sessions when other clients are present; some prefer meditation or rest.

  • Wash your and your children’s hands before entering.

  • Do not touch the walls or throw salt.

  • Children under 12 must have an adult guardian present at all times.

  • No food, drinks, or open water bottles are allowed inside.