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“This is a big shout out to the the Salt Spa that’s long overdue! My son, now age 16, started going to the salt spa when he was 5 for recurring illness and coughing spasms. He got sick continually and would cough uncontrollably for days on end. The medical community did not have answers for us or solutions that worked. This went on for years. As parents we were literally at our wits end and without hope. We had tried everything and we’re exhausted. Through word of mouth we found the salt spa and decided to give it a try as a last ditch effort. We went a few times and quickly realized the powerful effects of the salt on our son’s lungs. I asked about the research and decided to take my son 2-3 times a week for about a month. When I say this was life changing, this literally changed the course of his health condition to this day. He stopped getting sick all the time and when he did his lungs did not react the same way. Throughout his early years he would go back for a tune up here and there but that’s it. No more heavy meds, repeat illnesses, ear infections, chest infections, uncontrollable coughing and finally health and peace. All these years later, my son continues to be on solid ground with his health. Thank you Salt spa from the bottom of my heart. We feel so blessed that we found you and forever indebted for your care, service and for saving our son. I wish for each person in similar need that their path leads to you. With the deepest gratitude” – Jennifer

“The Salt Spa was awesome!! Loved the experience and Eric was very helpful and informative. I would highly recommend anyone with allergies or sinus issues to definitely give it a try! Will go back again!” – Janet

“The Salt Spa was relaxing yet invigorating. The manager, Allen, was very helpful and kind and informative. I took my friend who has allergies and it helped open up his sinuses. We will definitely go back.” – Naomi

“I feel the salt was at a therapeutic level. Unlike my experience in New York I could taste it on my lips and it soaked into every pore. Very relaxing with a friendly staff.” – Jackie

“The people who work there are very warm considerate. They are interested in you as a human and what your issues might be. They are very sensitive, knowledgeable and aware.” – Kristi

“It was a very nice experience and it’s helping my prolonged allergy/bronchitis symptoms. The staff is very helpful and friendly. I’ve learned a lot about the healing properties of salt!” – Susan

“When I first started my treatments at the Salt Spa, my goal was to eliminate the main Western medication I was taking to treat my asthma.  After only one month of regular visits, I reached that goal.  Now I can look forward to my next goal:  to eliminate the need for allergy medication.  I am so happy to feel better!” Pennie M.

“Having had two bouts of bronchitis, I was looking for a treatment that would ease the chronic cough and mucous. The salt treatments were the treatment! Immediately, I felt the congestions loosen and after three weeks of treatment it was gone. Four months later I have had no recurrence!”

“I’ve recommended it to several people-it has greatly improved my asthma as well as my 12 year old son’s sinusitis and allergies.”

“Within 7 visits to the salt spa, I stopped using or needing my inhalers for my asthma. I hike and bike in Colorado and do not feel a shortness of breath or lack of air.”

“I credit the salt spa with shortening the time it took me to recover from Pneumonia. After undergoing treatment only two times, my coughing subsided substantially. I definitely will go to the salt spa any time I feel like I’m getting any respiratory ailment.” -Jean F.

“My congestion is clearing up. Sleep cycles have been noticeably more regulated. It’s easier waking up and going to sleep.” -Max G.

“I have been able to cut down my asthma inhaler use by 80% since coming to the salt spa. I sleep better at night. The spa is very relaxing, improves my mood and also seems to improve my skin!” -Robin A.

“I’m not sick or prone to sickness but 2 minutes of salt spa puts me right to sleep! Deeply restful & rejuvenating.” -Dr. Paul B. M.D.

“I love it! Still getting sick occasionally with so many kids sick at school…but not progressing to bronchitis or asthma which other kids are getting.” – Siri 7 yrs 

“I have had asthma since childhood. This summer I started having early symptoms of bronchitis and immediately went to the salt spa. I immediately noticed results and didn’t have to use my inhaler or antibiotics. The Salt Spa decreased a typical 2 month episode of bronchitis down to four days!” – Antonia

“This is an amazing new and natural therapy for people like me who have been suffering forever from allergies and chronic sinusitis. One session cleared my earache and sinuses. I highly recommend this therapy!!”- Alexandra 

“After years of having a dry, chronic cough that did not respond to any traditional treatments, I tried Halotherapy though skeptical that such a simple treatment would help my chronic condition. After seven treatments, I am now completely free of my chronic cough and sleeping through the night. As a retired physician, I was pleasantly surprised to find a treatment that finally worked for me.” – Dr. Manu H.D.

“The staff is always positive and helpful.  The spa is peaceful for me and my children to relax and breathe.  I have seen my 8 month old clearing all his respiratory functions beautifully. I am a believer!” – Stacy

“Because of a cleft palate, my 2 year old daughter may be prone to ear infections and I was especially worried about them this winter. So we came to the Salt Spa regularly all winter, once or twice a week, and made it through the season with no ear infections or flu, just a couple of bouts of runny nose which passed quickly. She also has a chronic cough which was much improved.” – Elizabeth

“I feel so much better. I came because my lungs and sinus had thick mucous that would not clear up. Over twelve sessions the mucous had cleared and I feel so much better.  I do not have to take asthma medications daily and my breathing feels clear and easy.” – Marianne

“Using the Salt Spa is one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. I have COPD and my breathing is so much better. I cough less, I can laugh without coughing (VERY nice) and I can hike without being constantly out of breath. I highly recommend the Salt Spa!” – Hollace



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